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STAFF - Barber Shop
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Roberto aka “The Boss”

Hi, I’m Roberto, better known as ROBYFUARFE. First I want to congratulate you on the attention that you are paying to me, as you are reading these few lines…THANK YOU! I have been in the Barber world ever since 1985 and what I love the most about my job is seeing people happy for their little or big change, which we are able to give by means of the hair world.

My Mission is simply to help as many people as possible to find their self-esteem and their own identity, all through the world of hair and beards. Because I think that there is no more noble thing than putting yourself at the service of others.

At our place, the most fundamental thing is you, because without you we would be nothing…We are the greatest experts in treatments for all kinds of beards! From a simple Shave to the most elaborate beards, with innovative services and speficic treatments with special shampoos and oils to give you a beard that will be so pleasing to the touch, like no barber ever gave to you before. As a guarantee for this, your woman will be grateful to us!

The flagship of our services is AMERICAN SHAVE LUXURY. Then we are proud to say that we are true BARBERS with a very OLD SCHOOL style, though we don’t leave any other style out. 

We are capable of making every man happy by helping him to regain his true identity and apt image. Whoever comes to us, they then realize that they are not going to a Barber just to cut their hair, but they are living a unique experience within our Barber Company.

Now you just have to come visit us, and WE will look after all the rest. If you are a real Man you have to try us at least once, then you won’t do without anymore. WARNING: we are addictive!


Francesco aka “Franchino”

Manager of San Vito and partner of Barber Company

I’m Francesco aka “Franchino”. I have been a barber since 2005, and I have always loved the barber world in all its forms, from old school haircuts to the most elaborate beards!

I love to create, design and convey my passion! Why Barber Company? The word itself says it all: “Company”, it’s a place where we can live our emotions and pass them on to you through our art!

Enrico aka “Aldo”

Hi, I’m Enrico, a stubborn guy, slow on the uptake! I don’t listen much (it’s true!) but this also helps me to follow my way: I don’t let other people’s judgements affect me much! I started with Barber Company in March 2017 but I’ve been a barber since 2012.

I enjoy being a barber, I like to see tidy-looking people and I like the care of personal image: I have a bent for it and so I decided to do this! I have worked in various shops but Barber Company has won over me: I had never found a better working method. I’m proud of the place where I work and proud of the people I work with!

My goal? Continue to learn, improving day after day, finding a workplace that is near my home would be the BEST…But first I have to deserve it! Thanks to all of you for what you have built! It’s also thanks to you if today I’m here! 

Andrea aka “Cucciolo”

Hi, I’m Andrea, “Cucciolo” (Puppy) for the team, and on 18 October 2016 I started my experience in Barber Company. Former experiences? None! Only a dream…the secret dream, the dream of a life: becoming a Barber!

Internal training and the will to learn the craft day after day have allowed me to carry out my first service after 5 and a half months! When Barber Company enters your heart, it never leaves…it’s a family! Next goals? Never stop learning…YOU GOT TO STAY UP-TO-DATE TO KEEP GOING!!!

Yassine aka “Ciampo”

🙂  under construction


Roberta aka “Mami”

Manager of Pordenone

Hi, I’m Roberta, the #mamy in charge of the Barber Company in Pordenone. I’m happy and proud to be a barberess. I have been doing this job with love and resolution for 18 years, but according to my father I have loved this job since the day I learned how to stand on my feet…All my dolls had short hair!!!

I have a very sociable but resolute nature and my goal is to prove that also a female barber can be successful and go far, and this thanks to Barber Company!!! Barber Company is not just a barber: Barber Company is a family where you feel at ease from 0 to 100 years old, whatever job you have, whatever style you like.

Barber Company is a philosophy, a style…because people passing by in the streets notice and recognize our haircuts and marvelous beards and say: “You’ve been to Barber Company too?” That’s it… how couldn’t you want to be part of this gorgeous group? With lve… #mamy 

Valentina aka “Nana”

🙂  under construction

Manuel aka “Smile”

Hi, I’m Manuel, known as “Smile”, and I’m a barber. Working at Barber Company gives me peace of mind and I like to give the best of myself. I love my job and I’m pleased when a customer goes happy out of the salon. My goal is to become an excellent barber and manage a salon one day.


Sara aka “Pingu”

Manager of Conegliano

I’m Sara, known as Pingu: I’m 23 and I love to be a Barberess! I consider myself optimist, stubborn and perfectionist. I do this job because I love to create something out of nothing. Be it a haircut, a beard or simply a connection of friendship and trust with the customer, making someone happy makes me happy as well!

Barber Company is a lifestyle, a pleasant, funny and relaxing place. It’s the Right place!